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Myrtelle Chery

Myrtelle Chéry's painting is first and foremost an ideal, expressed through ever-luminous faces where the expression of emotions takes precedence. The subjects that she draws from memories of her country of origin are ublimated through scenes of modest life and interactions between characters that convey the values ​​of the artist: love, pride, bodily and spiritual wealth ... The play of light and shadow creates movement, while the strength of the colors gives each of its creations a soul of its own. Over a hundred of Myrtelle Chéry original paintings are part of public and private collections. His works are also available in photolithography and greeting cards.

card descriptions

mc003 - I love you

mc001 - Banana et Cie Hat

mc004 - Flowers for you

mc002 - Bowler Hat et Cie



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