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Frantz louis

Born in 1949 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, living witness of a very fertile period of social and cultural developments. The revision of the moral bases as well as the new ways of living and the beauty of nature make a stark contrast to the turbulence of the city.

If we had to summarize the painting of Frantz Louis, it would suffice to say that the colors which carry the message, sometimes by sobriety, sometimes by liveliness and thematic, are as varied as those of the man who has deeply meditated and who has traveled a lot and knew how to blend without being confused with his new homeland where he has lived since 1980.

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A couple of merchants

Oil on canvas, 20 "x 24"

Two beautiful little Haitian merchants who are in full harmony. They present the fruits of the soil while discussing their fate with a beautiful landscape behind them. In his artistic practice, Frantz Louis tends to unroll his memories of past times and his imaginary world. Another page of his memories is shared with us.



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