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Andre Joseph

Born in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) in 1961. Since his adolescence, he has not stopped sketching with everything that fell into his hands, even if he had not evolved in an artistic environment. Over time, André Joseph quickly understood that painting requires a great deal of knowledge and patience to convey its message through lines and colors. He never dropped his Ingres violin. In 1983 he resumed painting regularly while teaching languages ​​and literature. Self-taught, he did not hesitate to discover other styles and took the trouble to get to know the great painters of all time. After these experiences, he began to work diligently with portraiture, anatomy, waxing and drawing, while allowing himself to be influenced by European painting. His style is constantly evolving.

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JASS001 - Jazz 3

Mixed media on canvas, 14 "x 23", 2000

This work is inspired by music. It is registered as that of music lovers or musicians who brings us only joy. t is the music which is expressed in a new style for Joseph André. This painting will be part of a new collection called Jazz. It is made in a movement of creativity. It is for this reason that we can feel an indescribable wind of freedom blowing through this canvas by the choice of colors. So much so that you can listen to the music if you watch it for too long. Reproduction types Print on Archival paper



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